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Since 1978 WeStudyAbroad.Com has been designed to provide classroom enrichment opportunities and staff development possibilities to students and educators who undertake either domestic or foreign travel. It offers the participant an opportunity to learn outside the classroom and to take advantage of materials and locations which are available only through travel. Accredited College Credit is available to high school and college students as well as educators who want to earn credit for study Spanish abroad and study English abroad, as well as language immersion and home-stays, short stay or semester/school year study abroad programs, volunteer activities as well as internships, work experience, GAP-Year programs and the like. Since our inception over 25,000 students have earned transfer credit.

Providing study abroad, language immersion, work experience, gap year and intern opportunities worldwide . . .


Learn Spanish Abroad and Enjoy the Benefits


For more information contact:
Professor Steve Tash c/o WeStudyAbroad.Com
tel. 949-683-7151 9am-9pm PST 
Web: http://westudyabroad.com Email: travelstudy@yahoo.com